Douglas Firs (BE)

Remember that movie scene where The Blues Brothers pretended they were The Good Ol’ Boys and said they played ‘both kinds’ of music: ‘country and western’? Well, Douglas Firs has also narrowed it down to two kinds of music: exciting and melancholic. Music for the heart. And music for the gut and feet. Sometimes at the same time. For Douglas Firs it’s all about bringing people together in the same place and sharing the magic of live, authentic music. No compromises. Sometimes there’s dancing, sometimes there’s people crying. Sometimes both.

Douglas Firs is Gertjan Van Hellemont. People call him Dougie. Gertjan grew up in a sleepy town near Brussels in the nineties, and was raised on a strict Belgian diet of French fries, spaghetti and classic rock: Petty, Bonnie and Randy. Dylan, Cooder, Little Feat. The Beatles and The Stones. In junior high he once came home from school flabbergasted because his classmates had never heard of The Beatles. When he went on to study music, and considered himself safe in the company of like-minded souls, he once cut a quiz night short because nobody had heard of The Band. 
Douglas Firs wants to make music that fits into that long tradition. Solid songs with decent chords, strong harmonies and melodies that will break your heart.

 “Topclass material” (OOR Magazine) 

“Mighty, beautiful tunes in the tradition of Ryan Adams, The Jayhawks and Wilco” (OOR Magazine) 

“This is what The Rolling Stones would have sounded like if Neil Young had been their frontman.” (3VOOR12)

Leo Hoeksema