Caleb Caudle (USA)

Caleb Caudle, grown up in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and currently residing in Nashville, Tennessee, has always been busy, but in his eyes, things started to really change in 2012, when he released ‘Tobacco Town’. While the record was built on a “real shoestring budget” at a friends house, Caudle wanted to replicate the stripped-down feeling of a live performance and gave fans an idea of what to expect. With the intent to tour, he did just that -- traveling around the US playing medium-sized clubs and venues, while simultaneously working on 2014’s ‘Paint Another Layer On My Heart’. This time, he wanted to make a bonafide studio record; complete with Lydia Loveless’ sultry backing vocals, the Bruce Springsteen-inspired approach to classic country was a notable transformation in Caudle’s sound. He continued to tour, gaining new listeners, and started garnering media attention. In 2016, he released ‘Carolina Ghost. The album took the leap into realcountry. From announcing his romantic vulnerability with ‘Paint Another Layer On My Heart’ to actually finding love on ‘Carolina Ghost’, Caudle’s strong lyrical driving force makes him consistently relatable. And his latest project, ‘Crushed Coins’ (2018), is no exception to that rule. On the search for a new sound, he decided to include new instruments, in hopes of transitioning from the country purity heard on ‘Carolina Ghost’ to a multi-influenced and consequently, genre-less, new record. And while the album was made with the intent of escaping a specific genre, Caleb Caudle manages to be universally relatable with a mix of empathetic lyrics and a pristine blend of varying sounds. If you’re looking to revive your tastes with something fresh, but also like that warm feeling of musical nostalgia, look no further than ‘Crushed Coins’.

De zoete, ambachtelijk geschreven songs van Caudle zijn weldadig geproduceerd door John Ashley (bekend van The War on Drugs), en liefdevol gearrangeerd. De jongensachtige stem valt in slow motion achterover in donzige kussens van steelgitaren, piano en engelachtige achtergrondstemmen. Caudle maakt country-lite, die soms ook wel iets heeft van softpop uit de jaren zeventig. Maar kleffe easy-listening wordt Crushed Coins toch niet. Daarvoor zijn de songs én de teksten te sterk." (Volkskrant, ****)

"Fans van Robert Ellis zijn ook fan van Andrew Combs. Fans van Andrew Combs zijn ook fan van Robert Ellis. En fans van Robert Ellis en Andrew Combs worden ook fan van Caleb Caudle, die met Crushed Coins een voortreffelijk album heeft afgeleverd waarop zijn countryliedjes vallen onder de noemer pop met een hoofdletter P." (, ****)

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