Jesse States (NL)

Vivid stories enter your mind, as a man with a dark voice sings to you what it means to be human. Harmonizing words like a poet who puts his emotions into rhyme, Jesse confronts you with your inner struggles and strenghts. All by using his hypnotizing voice, flowing over a railroad-esque western tune.Born in the Netherlands; while his ancestral blood still flows in Texas, Jesse draws you into these stories. Stories of times that have been, are now, and have not yet come to pass.Drawing heavily from blues, americana and folk; Jesse blends his own unique style into his art. His musical past is clearly noticable in his music and you can’t help but get drawn in  by his hypnotizing voice.  One might say Jesse’s talent is as big as the dark clouds surrounding him, but for light to thrive one needs a little darkness inside.For every angel, there’s at least one demon. And Jesse opposes them both.

Leo Hoeksema