Gijs is responsible for all the press promotional activities on behalf of Zwaardvis Music. He’s not the average press promoter who promotes a lot of albums every year. He is keen on the acts he works with. Of course he has to like the artist and his/her music, but he’s always looking for a story around an artist/album as well. With a background in music journalism (Gijs used to write for the biggest newspaper in the south of the Netherlands), he knows quite well what a journalist wants to know about an artist and what elements make it relevant to pay attention to an artist/album. Besides album promotion, Gijs is currently responsible for the media promotion of the Once In A Blue Moon festival in Amsterdam. As he is a booking agent as well, he’s also aware of what kind of media attention is important for the venues and festivals. 

Gijs has a large network of contacts through all kinds of media, from genre specific webzines and blogs to music magazines and national daily newspapers. Although specialized in written media, he has managed to arrange performances in several national radio and television programs in the past as well. 

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